remove discolouration on a concrete surface conlix bio

How to get rid of discolouration on a concrete surface?

How to get rid of discolouration on a concrete surface? Especially in the hot season, the phenolic resin coating is exposed to intense sunlight, which can leave a brown color on the concrete surface. This undesirable problem can be minimized or even prevented.

Have you seen the discolouration? This brown — sometimes curved — discoloration that appears on the concrete surface when the formwork is removed? The bad news: when using phenolic resin plywood, regardless of the supplier, the discoloration is very likely to occur because the properties of the plywood are resistant to the ultraviolet radiation. The good news: you can reduce the damage and even prevent it if you carry out the following simple steps.

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conlix preventing surface voids in concrete

Tips for preventing surface voids in concrete.

Tips for preventing surface voids in concrete. Several problems can arise during the process of concrete laying When using concrete, we expect the surface to be perfectly smooth, with no surface voids. Unfortunately, this problem is one of the main problems in the sector of prefabricated concrete. Holes and air bubbles defined as voids, are small holes that adversely affect the concrete surface.

When the surface voids become too large, the concrete surface requires to be repaired. This is not only a waste of time, but also materials and money!

By reading the article below, you will learn how to prevent surface voids by looking at the cause of their formation. You will also read some useful tips to help you get a better concrete surface.

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conlix bio cleaning paving stones from oil

Cleaning paving stones from oil

Discover the way for effective cleaning of paving stones from oil. A weekend spent with family and friends, aromatic and tasty grilled dishes usually leave beautiful memories. Unfortunately, grilling in the garden can also leave greasy stains of oil on the cobblestones. Greasy stains from grilled food or engine oil on concrete look very unsightly on paving stones, and at the same time are extremely troublesome. Oil is heavier than water, so removing grease stains is a very difficult task that requires some precautions.

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concrete remover conlix removing dried concrete

A product for removing dried concrete

A product for removing dried concrete. As much as we like to use concrete, we don’t want our trucks, tools and other equipment to get dirty with it. Unwanted concrete coating adds weight to the equipment, and reduces the time of its usage. It makes it dirty and look unpleasant. So find out about an innovative way that allows you to remove dried concrete dirt.

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