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How to remove oil from paving stones?

How to remove fat stains from concrete, how to remove oil from the paving stones? These questions often turn into a headache because the answer is not easy. Concrete is the basic material for most walkways, driveways and patios everywhere. No wonder concrete is often exposed to grease stains from food, vehicles and other sources.

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removing oil stains from concrete

How to remove oil stains?

Engine oil stains on cobblestones not only look very unsightly, but are extremely difficult to remove. Moreover, just a few drops in contact with the porous surface significantly increase the size of the stain. So how do you deal with oil stains on concrete? What methods should you try? How to remove oil stains from concrete?

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cleaning conlix bio

How to remove an oil stain on paving stones?

Are you wondering how to remove an oil stain? Just a few drops of engine oil on a concrete surface can cause a rather large unsightly stain. Oil stains, especially older ones, are extremely difficult, and their removal involves the risk of discolouration of the treated surface. How to remove resistant oil stains? Which methods are the most effective?

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removing oil stains from paving stones conlix bio

Oil stains on paving stones, how to get rid of them?

Oil stains on paving stones, how to get rid of them? Engine oil on the driveway or oil after successful grilling on cobblestones look very unsightly, and their removal is not an easy task. A fresh stain treated with detergent and a strong stream of water may disappear without leaving discolouration on the concrete. However, the resistant and old oil stains on the cobblestones prove to be quite a challenge.

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history of concrete conlix

History of concrete. How it was produced and cleaned!

The history of concrete is very interesting. It shows the perseverance of a person in pursuing a goal and teaches humility. Thanks to its use in strong, modern constructions, concrete cannot be considered a minor building material. This substance has a rich past. The fact that in the days of ancient Rome no cement trucks were in circulation does not mean that cultures of that time could not build from concrete. They had their own ways of adapting and using building materials.

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concrete remover conlix removing dried concrete

Concrete cleaning

Concrete cleaning is not an easy task, but with Conlix and Conlix-Bio liquids you will surely manage to make it easy. Clean  safely and effectively all concrete surfaces, start with the least toxic cleaner Conlix or Conlix-Bio and increase the amount of the product on the dirty surface as needed. Here’s how to clean concrete surfaces using Conlix and Conlix-Bio fluids, a pressure washer and other tools.

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