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concrete remover conlix removing dried concrete

A bricklayer stained with concrete — that has become a myth! Concrete remover Conlix

Do you run a construction company, are you a bricklayer or just love to improve your own home? Your surroundings and clothes do not have to be stained with concrete. Get rid of concrete dirt from your car, rooms and even your own clothes with Conlix products. Clean even very delicate surfaces from cement splashes and traces of plaster with concrete remover Conlix! The products for dissolving concrete and removing lime stains provide immediate help in eliminating even the hard, dried binder of any masonry mixture.

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products for dissolving concrete Conlix cleaning of construction machinery and renovation tools cocnrete remover

Concrete nightmare, or how to fight cement deposits. Products for dissolving concrete

You have either built a house or renovated an flat. Why are you not happy? Concrete dirt, lime stains and cement clumps stuck to floors, windows and even car paint give you a headache. Do not wait for a miracle, choose the right product to cleanse all masonry dirt. Wash off lime and construction mixture residues from windows and doors. Also clean tools, machines and the car that you accidentally splashed it with mortar. Conlix products for dissolving concrete provide effective help in washing away resistant concrete dirt.

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concrete dissolving agent conlix bio

Garage dirty with concrete — which liquid will clean it? Concrete dissolving agent

Are you proud of your new garage? Unfortunately, there is a lot of concrete dirt and limescale on the floor, entrance gate and even the car. Eliminate this problem — clean glass surfaces, doors, and the carbody with Conlix – concrete dissolving agent. Remove cement from both delicate chrome-plated or varnished surfaces, and from tools. Solvents for removing lime, mortar and hard concrete deposits will also clean the professional equipment you used for renovation (trowels, power trowels, discs, concrete mixer).

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cleaning of sensitive surfaces conlix bio

Formworks – cleaning of formwork only with Conlix Bio

Cleaning of formwork only with Conlix Bio. Formworks, i.e. temporary structures, are perfect for construction works. Ceiling formwork, wall formwork, construction formwork, board formwork, metal formwork, OSB board formwork ensure the correct shape of the concrete and prevent it from spilling beyond the limited area dedicated for it.

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Removing oil stains conlix bio

Removal of engine oil stains from concrete

Removal of engine oil stains from concrete. Wash off the oil with a strong detergent and a scrub brush or sponge. Use a concrete cleaner or degreaser to remove the oil. Apply a compress to break down the oil and release it from the concrete. Use professional cleaning agents. There are many chemical methods for removing oil or grease (both hydrocarbon-based materials) from concrete. Find out more about each of these methods below.

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