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concrete remover conlix removing dried concrete

A bricklayer stained with concrete — that has become a myth! Concrete remover Conlix

Do you run a construction company, are you a bricklayer or just love to improve your own home? Your surroundings and clothes do not have to be stained with concrete. Get rid of concrete dirt from your car, rooms and even your own clothes with Conlix products. Clean even very delicate surfaces from cement splashes and traces of plaster with concrete remover Conlix! The products for dissolving concrete and removing lime stains provide immediate help in eliminating even the hard, dried binder of any masonry mixture.

Concrete debris dissolving liquids, which is the best?

It all depends of course on the place you want to clean. If you clean dry cement clumps from the floors, tiles, paving stones or machines after renovation, we recommend the basic versions of Conlix fluid in containers of one, five or twenty litres. However, if you want to clean up more delicate items, your own beloved car or clothes, it is better to choose the product in the bio-variant, because it is delicate and safe for surfaces covered with rubber, caoutchouc or other plastics. It is also successfully used for removing concrete from glass, aluminium, chrome coated surfaces , stone and varnished surfaces . By using such products, you can be sure that the image of a construction worker soiled with lime and cement will only become a distant memory.

Concrete remover Conlix

Concrete removers Conlix — where to buy them?

Of course, many people who deal with bricklayers on a professional basis will immediately think about Bricomarche, Castorama, Mrówka or even Obi. However, concrete dissolving agents are certainly easier to buy online. Therefore, visit our Store and choose the appropriate product, take care of your equipment with the help of ecological Conlix-bio mortar dissolving liquids. These fluids have already received great feedback from users, and an additional advantage is the affordable price and free delivery to your home. The composition of the eco solvents does not contain harmful acids, which guarantees that the application of the liquids on the delicate surfaces of your clothes or car (on aluminium, varnished or covered with rubber elements) will be both effective and safe. If you are a bricklayer, take care of your tools and machines. Clean trowels, floats, discs and fillers from cement deposits. Use Conlix -x to clean concrete mixer and construction vehicles.

Concrete remover Conlix — how to use it?

If the cement stains on clothes and equipment susceptible to damage are not too large, it is enough to spray the product on the lumps and limescale, the liquid is equipped with a handy sprayer. Thick, dried concrete layers will probably need to repeat the application several times. Spray cement-covered objects and wait 3 minutes. The product must penetrate the dried mass, and then, acting aggressively on it from the inside, it manages to dissolve the concrete that can be easily washed away. If you want to get rid of dirt from equipment, clothes and car, call g +44 7599 410185 or write to uk@concreteremover.co.uk.